PowerBall - CIKOGA Skins Game Rule

CIKOGA skins game, also known as PowerBall, is a modified skins game. For each hole, we compare every participant's score. To win a skin on a hole and claim the prize money,

    1. The score must be par or better (i.e., birdie, eagle, albatross). If one person makes a bogie and others make double bogies, the person cannot win the skin on that hole.

    2. If there's a tie on a hole, nobody can claim the skin on that hole regardless of the score. For example, if two people made eagles on the same hole, no payment will be made for that hole.

    3. A skin winner with better score beats another skin winner. For example, if a person wins a skin with birdie on hole #1, and others win some skins with par on other holes like #2 and #3, the person with birdie wins the prize money.

    4. If nobody wins a skin, $5 will be refunded to each participant.

Participation is purely optional. It costs $5 to participate. Here's a payout example. If 10 people participate and you win 2 skins while another player win 3 skins, your payout will be $5 fee * 10 people / (2 skins +3 skins) * 2 skins = $20. The other player will get $30. If there's only one skin and you won the skin, you will get $50. The payout is determined by the number of participants and the number of total skins.