MegaBall - CIKOGA Winner-Takes-All Game Rule

CIKOGA winner-takes-all game, also known as MegaBall, is a net-score based stroke play game. The rule is simple. If you are a net score winner among the participants, you get the big check that is equivalent to $15 x no. of participants. If there is a tie in net scorer, the player with lower handicap will win. If handicap is same, lower back nine scorer determines the winner. If back nine scorer is same, the better score on the most difficult hole determines the winner.

Participation is purely optional. It costs $15 to participate. Since it is CIKOGA handicap based game, you must have played at least one major tournament before you participate. The main goal of MegaBall is to reward someone who improved the most. Therefore, join MegaBall game only if you've practiced golf a lot and feel confident enough that you can break your personal best record.