2018 End of Year Party

The party was a great success because President Yim sacrificed his time to secure the community center, arrange food, set up tables and chairs, and clean up everything after the event. Our selfless team work for clean-up shined more due to his leadership.

  For food, every dish was great. The barley tea that Ms. Gong provided
was amazingly fresh and tasted better than beer.

  After the dinner, former President Choo played Saxophone. He received a standing ovation for his great performance. His careful music selection lifted our Holiday spirit high.

  All of our stories from 2018 were heartwarming and humorous. Particularly, Dr. Yang's advice on medicine was informative and 7-Up story by Yim was refreshing.

  Our first indoor putting contest was quite exciting. Dr. Yang made the putt from the beginning and only 4 more golfers survived the 1st round.  However, the 2nd round ended quickly because no one except Almighty Yim made the clutch putt. He claimed the king of putting and he made
his final putt as President in style.

  Every couple did not hesitate to participate in Pepero game. Prof. Lee's couple won the Pepero game by cutting down the Pepero to 0.5cm. On the other hand, Yim's couple entertained us by showing X-rated performance. Their love was so hot and burned the entire Pepero.

  Prof. Lee won Jegichagi game was won by Prof. Lee and JH Choi. The Jegichagi game is similar to golf. You use your own leg as a club and hit a tiny object. Prof. Lee made 18 and JH Choi made 5.

  Yim provided 5 rice bags for Yut game. He brought a special Yut piece that has mark "Heaven"
and a custom Yut board. It was fun to watch players screaming whenever they throw Yut.

  For Karaoke contest, no one could beat S. Choi! She sang first and she got perfect 100. No one could challenge her score so the contest ended in a single round.  Prof. Shim's 3 cute boys, who dared to sing Queen's "We will rock you." We realized that Queen's songs are very difficult to get a good score in Karaoke machine. Extra 10 points did not help to get a score higher than S. Choi's 100.

  Finally, J. Choi won the presidential election. He received 5 more votes over Prof. Ko.  He will lead our organization to the next level from 2019. Congratulations, President Choi!
  Please check out Facebook album. You'll be amazed how happy we are as one strong CIKOGA family.