2018 Ryder Cup

Date: 2018/10/06 Time: 11:00AM (Rainout)

Date: 2018/11/03 Time: 10:00AM

El Paso Golf Club
M Tee: Blue   6,111 69.6/125  Par: 71

Champaign Top 4 Total: 16+19+21+21=77
Peoria        Top 4 Total: 18+23+27+28=96

 POS  Name(C)
 이름  Total  POS  Name(P)
 이름  Total
 1  H. Yim
 임흥식  +16  1  Y. Chang  장윤철  +18
 2  K. Choo  추교웅  +19
 P. Cha  차광무  +23
 T3  J. Choi
 최재균  +21  3  I. Kim  김일영  +27
 T3 Y. Lee 이   윤 +21 4 H. Yoon 윤형규 +28

 HCP  Name(C)
 이름  Total  HCP  Name(P)
 이름  Total
 +7  H. Yim
 임흥식  +16  +7  K. Kim*
 +11  J. Ko
 고제명  +23   +12
 Y. Chang
 장윤철  +18
 +13  J. Choi
 최재균  +21  +14  P. Cha
 +14  K. Choo
 추교웅  +19  +14  H. Yoon
 윤형규  +28
 +14  B. Lee*
 이범수  DNS  +21  P. Park*
 +18  Y. Lee
 이   윤
 +21  +30  S. Han*
 한석희  DNS
 +18.5  H. Lee
 이효경  +31  +30
 I. Kim
 김일영  +27
 +20  M. Han*
 한만철  DNS        
 +28  H. Yang  양행승  +38        
 +20  K. Moon  문경희  +26        
 +28  C. Lim  임창순  +39        
 +29  H. Gong  공희자  +44        
*will miss 11/3 event.

  At the beginning of tournament, Ms. Moon and Gong provided Kimbob and sandwiches for everyone and they boosted our team spirit.

  During the tournament, everyone struggled due to cold weather and tricky green so both B. Chung's and E. Choe's records are kept intact. However, team Champaign set a new
record of +19 for the margin of victory. Team Peoria badly needed the help from B. Chung, K. Kim, Y. Chong, and S. Han but they were all unavailable although I. Kim (net -3) played well shooting below his handicap. Yoon's golf swing was flawless but he struggled on short putting. Cha also played solid and won the $7 skin at the final hole but his final score could not narrow the gap.

  The medalist honor went to H. Yim who shot +16 and Captain Chang was a runner-up by shooting +18. Both Yim and Choo never finished top 4 in team events but they finally made at their
3rd trial. Y. Lee finally made top 4 as well. It was very sad to see Captain Ko slipping away his winning streak in a team event. J. Choi survived another year as top 4 and we hope that he can keep the streak alive in the next team event - the 2019 Presidents Cup.

  Congratulations to all top 4 players from each team who will secure the automatic entries to the 2019 Masters! The only major tournament that requires special invitation.