The 4th CIKOGA US Open

Date: 2018/06/30

Time: 2:00pm

M Tee: Blue 6,713  72.0/125  Par: 72
W Tee: Red 5,104 68.8/116 Par: 72

 POS  Name  Total
 1  H. Yim
 2  J. Ko
 3  J.  Choi
 4  S. Bae
 5  K. Choo
 6  M. Han
 T7  S. Lee
 T7  B. Lee
 9  M. Ha
 10  J. Park
 11  T. Oh
 12  C. Lim

Handicap Adjusted NET Score

 POS  Name  Total  Handicap
 1  M. Han
 -8  +28
 2   S. Lee  -6  +28
 T3  H. Yim  -4  +11
 T3  J. Choi  -4  +17
 5  J. Ko
 E  +11
 6  J. Park
 +3  +28
 T7  S. Bae  +4  +12
 T7  K. Choo  +4  +14
 T7  T. Oh
 +4  +28
 10  C. Lim
 +6  +28
 11  B. Lee  +7  +15
 12  M. Ha
 +12  +15

Mr. Yim-credible captures another major!

  It was hot but wind was very calm. Yim's swing was as calm as wind and Mr. Yim-credible captured the 2nd major of the 2018 season. His hope for grand slam stayed alive.
  Yim led the field with +3 in front nine but Ko quickly rebounded with 5 pars in a row from hole 9 to 13. On the 14th hole, Yim made a triple bogey and shared the lead with Ko on the 15th hole.
  At the long par-3 17th hole, Ko made a critical mistake by sending the T-shot into the woods while Yim's spectacular T-shot landed on the green within 3 feet. Yim made the birdie while Ko made double bogey. Yim clinched the win by making the par on the last hole. He set the new CIKOGA record for Red tail run course by shooting +7.  
  Although Ko was in a jet-lag mode. he made a birdie on the the hole and put his name on the winner's circle after 2016 Masters. 
  Choi was 1 shot behind him for the front 9 but he made double and triple on back 9. Although he made a birdie on the 12th hole but Yim also made the birdie. Thus, he could not win any skin but settled for the 3rd place. 
  M. Han, as a rookie, played extremely well and shoot -8 from the default handicap of 28. 

  Ko (hole #6) and Yim (hole #17) split the Powerball skins with birdies.