Lake of the Woods Simulator Open

  Lake of the Woods charged only $18 for playing 18 hole. Since they do not charge by hour,  the fixed price gave enough time to make a swing carefully. The simulator sensor was similar to Just Fore Fun's because the sensor was under the mat. However, it seemed better because it could read Hybrid correctly. It was also more sensitive than Just Fore Fun because small waggles were counted as strokes. It's better to stay away from sensor when you make practice swing or waggles.

  Lake of the Woods indoor facility had two simulators. This will make ideal for 8 people. What is better, it is possible to watch football game through the counter TV. The counter sold beers and drinks as well. Another good thing is that color inkjet printer was right next to the simulator so you can print the final score easily.

  One of screens has a tear mark so it was worse than Legends in terms of the screen size and quality.