2016 End of Year Party

  The party was a blast with 100% attendance rate!

  The opening remark by President Choo was very emotional  because he formed the founding members of CIKOGA through his dedication in golf. Without him, CIKOGA could not be born in 2015. He will be remembered forever as the very first president of CIKOGA.

  During the self-introduction, Prof. Ko was brilliant when he said his favorite food was 'Jja-Jang-Myun'. We can't wait for him to win the green jacket at CIKOGA Masters in next April and  we all eat Jja-Jang-Myun together. Should we hold Masters on Black Day?

  Dr. Yang blessed our dinner table, our families, and the future of organization with a sincere prayer. His powerful prayer connected us as one family.

  Thank you Choi for ordering menus carefully. He also brought screen although we did not use it to make slide show as big as the wall. Can anyone guess the number of pictures that were presented during the dinner? It was 2,016 pictures! Thanks Yim for being the favorite model
throughout 2016 - everyone agreed that he's photogenic.

   Women members and spouses sang with beautiful voices. Yet, Dr. Kim was a super-star during the Karaoke party.  We feel sorry for those who missed his Elvis-like electrifying performance. We all wished him a good-luck on his next adventure in Korea because he'll leave the country for the next 4 months and come back in April.

  Finally, our new president Yim made a great speech accepting his new position and announced Y. Lee as the next secretary of CIKOGA. We think it was a perfect decision at the right time so that CIKOGA can grow stronger together. The new leadership will make CIKOGA great in 2017!