B. Chung Invitational

Dates: 2016/10/19

Metamora Fields Golf Club

Time: 1:24 pm

M Tee: Yellow 7,100 74.1/130  Par: 71
W Tee: Red    4,939 68.3/115  Par: 71

 POS  Name  Total
 1  H. Yim  +18
 2  B. Chung  +20
 T3  J. Choi  +22
 T3  Y. Park  +22
 5 H. Lee +29
 W1  H. Gong  dnf
 W1  C. Lim  dnf

  The heavy rain affected everyone a lot - there was only one birdie by Yim. Chung played very aggressively as if the game were a match play and did not seem to care about gross score because we played 5-some skins game. Winning a hole (par or better - we don't think bogeys deserve money) gives handsome $4 so everyone made crazy impossible shots.  

  During the rain delay after completing 8th hole, Chung bought lunch for everyone! Gong and Lim did not finish after completing 13 holes.