Armed Forces Open

Dates: 2016/10/02 Time: 1:30pm & 1:38pm

M Tee: Yellow 6,863 72.8/136  Par: 72
W Tee: Red 4,792  66.4/110  Par: 72

 POS  Name  Total
 1  J. Choi  +14
 2  C.W. Lee +23
 3  H. Lee  +41
 W1  S. Bae  +15
 W2  C. Lim  +33

J. Choi conquered Annbriar!

  Five members enjoyed the beautiful Annbriar course near St. Louis on Sunday. The course was absolutely stunning.  here were a few holes that require 250 yard driving distance to cross valleys and waters. 

   Despite the difficulty of the course, J. Choi shot 86. He started with 3 pars. Did you know that 4 consecutive pars are called "Audi par" and 5 consecutive pars are called "Olympic par"? CW Lee told such funny joke after Choi's 3 consecutive pars. CW Lee also recovered from his jet leg and got his swing rhythm back. Although his driver was much shorter than Choi, his iron shot was very sharp and shot 95. H. Lee ended up with 113 due to his aching back. 

  Ladies struggled a little bit but Bae managed to shot 87 and Lim shot 105. Lim's long and straight drive shined along with her new Scotty-Cameron putter. Lim bought lunch at KFC and Choi for bought dinner at Thai House restaurant.