What's in the winner's bag?

What equipment did Yim use? We take a peek inside his bag to check out the gear that earned him the 2016 CIKOGA Masters, US Open, and Chamiponship:

Driver (Titleist  913D 8.5 degrees)
#3 Wood ( Callaway 19 degrees)
#4 Hybrid  ( Titleist 24 degrees)
#5 Hybrid  ( Titleist 27 degrees)
5,6,7,8,9,P  (Callaway forged irons)
S. Wedge (Callway 54 degrees)
L. Wedge (Callway 60 degrees)
Putter*  (Spalding)
Ball (Titleist Pro V1)

*According to Yim, his Master's putter is from Walmart  and he paid $5 about 15 years ago. Although he has another ODYSSEY PRO V line putter he said he never played well with it.