2016 Rail Masters

Date: 2016/04/09

 Flight POS Name Score Masters Score Total
 Champion 1 Team A -4 -3 (Rory McIlroy) -7
 Champion 5 Yim & Choi    E -3 (Rory McIlroy) -3
 2ND ? Ko & Lee  +7  E (Bryson DeChambeau ) +7

 H. Lee. CIKOGA Reporter

 There were about 52 teams.  We were paired together and started from hole #13. 

The weather was sunny but cold. 

After a warm up at the range with free range balls, we waited inside club house to take the chill off drinking coffee. 

The club house has all the memories of State Farm Classic from 1976 to 2006.
  We played extremely well like LPGA players.  Our driving distance was almost equal to LPGA average one.  

 J.  Ko made a dramatic birdie on hole #8 from bunker. His perfect sand shot made the ball fly high and aced it with one hop. It was critical shot for team Birdie (Lee/Ko) to break 80. We celebrated the birdie with the following selfie. The green on the background is famous hole #8 - the toughest hole at The Rail.  

 J. Choi made even more dramatic eagle on our last hole #12. It was par 5 and his 50 yard pitching went straight to the hole. 

Congratulations on J. Choi for joining the CIKOGA's elite Eagle Club after Y. Lim who made eagle last year at CIKOGA US Open. The final shot was critical for team Eagle to score even par for the round.   

 After all scorecards are submitted, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, flights were cut at +2, +5, and +8 respectively.  If Yim & Choi picked the Masters player who shot +2 or Ko & Lee picked +1, they could have won the prize.  

It was interesting to see that there was only one team who picked Jordan Spieth (-4). 

  We played extra 9 holes for more fun. At the end, we also played with animals, too.