2015 End of the Year Potluck Party

The party was held on 12/30/2015 from 6pm to 10pm at Triptych Brewing.

J. Choi and H. Lim arrived first and helped H. Lee to set up tables. 

Y. Lee brought the precious Gol-Bang-E with Noodle dish!
Prof. Lee visited CIKOGA from Korea.
He recommended Myrtle Beach Resort and The Fort GC. 

H. Lim was Santa who generously donated two sets of golf caps. 

J. Ko joined late but brought many interesting stories including his trip to Gull Lake View GC and Shawnee trail. 

The tour members' wives shared so many funny jokes and behind stories.
We thank them for their full support of busy golfer husbands. 

The player of the year, our president K. Choo who swept 3 majors, brought the best dish of Kalbi but had to leave early for Oklahoma.

Thank you everyone for the CIKOGA's very first successful 2015 season!