Joong-Ang Open

Dates: 2015/10/08


 POS  Name  Total
 1  H. Yim  +13
 2  W. Lee  +18
 3  H. Lee  +32


 POS  Name  Total
 1  Y. Lee  +18
 2  S. Bae  +24
 3  C. Lim  +34

McLean/Macon County beats Champaign County!

H. Lee. CIKOGA Reporter

  3 players from Champaign  and 3 players from Bloomington/Decatur played at Joong-Ang open. M-county golfers easily defeated C-county golfers. 

  At the registration desk (picture above), the Chicago Joong-Ang-Il-Bo gave a woman's magazine for free. Lunch was a hot dog from club house (picture below). Potato chip and a choice of drink was included.

The organizer distributed a special edition newspaper that explains course map and tips by Suh Woo-Jin pro at GoChicagoGolf.

 Interestingly enough, S. Bae from Decatur and Y. Lee from Bloomington were paired together.
 All men shot from black tee because the course was relatively short. 

All women hit from gold/white tee. 

Although the course was neither difficult nor impressive, greens were well-guarded by many bunkers. 

H. Yim made two birdies. No one could make hole-in-one because pin placement was difficult and all par-3 holes were quite long. Hyundai Equus and Sonata were displayed next to tee box so players were probably distracted by brand new cars.

  Dinner and award ceremony was held at the club house as well. 

Dinner was catered and included pastas, meats, chickens, salads, and Song-Pyun. Unlike other Chicago Korean golf events, there were two "best dresser" awards for woman and man. 

Some super seniors were awarded regardless of scores. 

The men's gross winner shot 72 (+2) and women's gross winner shot 77 (+7). The net score winner shot -5 (92) with handicap 27. It was strange because the award was given to high handicapper. For example, the 2015 Young-Nam open grand champion, Hui-Moon Lee, also shot -5  (75) with handicap 10 but could not win the grand champion trophy.

  H. Lee was lucky enough to be paired with 2015 Young-Nam open grand champion who used an interesting set of clubs called "ONOFF" from Japan. He not only allowed H. Lee to try his drivers but also provided a pain reliever for H. Lee's swollen finger injury.

For raffles, H. Lee won a selfie stick & cooking book and C. Lim won a gift card for chiropractic service. 

At the end of ceremony, the host gave a goody bag that includes tee bags, small towel, two books (education / travel), and a massage orange ball. 

  The tournament started early at 11:00am and ended early. So Champaign golfers could arrive Champaign before 10:00pm.  Champaign players stopped by the new Caffe Bene on Green street. C. Lim kindly bought drinks for everyone and J. Choi provided delicious breads. What a great finish!

  Here's the newspaper article in Korean.