Ho-Nam Open

Dates: 2015/08/12

 POS Name Total
 1 H. Yim +9   
 2 K. Choo +19
 3 H. Lee +42

The tee-gift was a blanket. Lunch was a roll of Kimbab with a bottled water.

Chalet Hills golf club was a beautiful course with a big lake that was shared by hole #9 and #18. It was also challenging PAR 73 course with lakes, trees, and hills. At the Hole #4 (par 3), Farmers insurance provided a ballpoint pen, pancho raincoat, and ice cold water bottle. H. Yim made a birdie at the most difficult Hole #6 where everyone else made triple bogeys.

The dinner was at Woo-Ri village. For random drawing prize, H. Yim won electric grill, K. Choo won Cleveland putter and Hae-Tai Green rice, and H. Lee won Hae-Tai Green rice.

Here's the HanKook newspaper article.