CIKOGA - The Open

Dates: 2015/07/10, 2015/07/18

 POS  Name  Total  R1(Den)  R2(UIO)
 1  K. Choo  +27  +16  +11
 2  H. Yim  +32  +14  +18
 3  J. Ko  +48  +23  +25
 4  K. Kim  +49  +31  +18
 5  J. Choi  +53  +25  +28
 6  Y. Lee  +65  +35  +30
 6(DQ)  H. Lee  +65  +28  +37(DQ)

Handicap Adjusted NET Score

 POS  Name  Total  R1(Den)  R2(UIO)
 1  H. Yim  +2  -1  +3
 2  K. Choo  +3  +4  -1
 3(DQ)  H. Lee  +7  -1  +8(DQ)
 3  K. Kim  +7  +10  -3
 5  J. Ko  +8  +3  +5
 6  J. Choi  +13  +5  +8
 7  Y. Lee  +23  +14  +9

K. Choo wins back-to-back majors!

H. Lee. CIKOGA Reporter

  Choo pulled the back-to-back CIKOGA major wins like Jordan Spieth thanks to
two birdies in hole #4 and #14 at U of I Orange. The Open was postponed for one week and the final event was held at U of I Orange instead of Prairie Vistas.

  Although Yim led the field again on the first day with his superior drive distance at Arnold Palmer design course, he surrendered the victory to Choo once again on the second day. 

  Yim and Choo tied until the 6th hole and the lead changed from the 7th hole during the final round.  Since then,  Choo secured the leading position and the birdie on 14 sealed his chance to win. Yim's triple bogey on 16 was too costly and his late par on 18 was too late to recapture the lead.

  In the 2nd group, Kim, who performed remarkably well at rain-cancelled Prairie Vista course,  continued to dominate the field with accurate T-shots and putters threatening Ko's 3rd position.  With his 90, he tied with Yim for the 2nd position on the final day.  He moved 6th position to 4th which was the biggest jump. His 2nd day effort was good enough for him to claim net score check $10.

 With Choo's back-to-back major win, he is one step closer to the grand slam champion of CIKOGA tour.