Dates: 2015/06/11-2015/06/14

 POS  Name  Total  R1(BH)  R2(IH)  R3(RT)  R4(UI)
 1  K. Choo  +51  +10  +13  +19  +9
 2  H. Yim  +59  +2  +23  +19  +15
 3  B. Lee  +61  +10  +16  +21  +14
 4  J. Ko  +73  +18  +19  +16  +20
 5  J. Choi  +80  +16  +23  +24  +17
 6  K. Kim  +81  +14  +24  +22  +21
 7  H. Lee  +144  +35  +33  +43  +33

Choo wins the first CIKOGA major!

H. Lee. CIKOGA Reporter

  The CIKOGA's very first  major, a.k.a. CIKOGA's US Open, was an ultimate test for the area golfers in Central Illinois.  As you know, Illinois weather is unpredictable in June. It can be hot, humid, windy, and wet within a 4 hour period of a single round. Choo demonstrated that his swing is rock-solid in any situation.

  On the first day at Brookhill,  Yim led the field with one eagle at par 5 and countless birdies using his new long drive. He set the tournament record of +2 in a single round and he looked invincible.

  However, on the second day at Ironhorse, wind started picking up very strongly and most players had trouble from the first tee spreading balls all over the OB area. A torrential rain also delayed the tournament for 5 minutes. The leader H. Yim struggled with his driver due to wind and made costly errors that led to big number. At the end of the day, calm Choo led the field by 2 strokes by shooting the best score among players.

  The Red Tail Run has been notorious for its unforgiving tall grass and tricky course layout by Raymond Floyd. Choo has never played there before and tee box has been moved all the way back for more challenge. Everybody struggled but Ko was a stand-out with his accurate yet long driver and magical irons that escaped rough without any trouble. Ko shot his best score +16 at the most difficult course in 4 day tournament. 

  The final day at U of I Blue started in the afternoon in unfavorable condition. Course was flooded with water so local rule of "lift, clean, and place" was in place. Such rule and wet green can usually give a better score but major was major. Top 3 players felt a pressure for winning and the most experienced player, Choo, cruised calmly for the win using his sold putting and short game.

  Choo, who always scored best among Korean golfers in other local tournaments, captured the victory. He started golf in 1992 and his 23 years of golf experience knocked out all the challenges from other players and nature. 

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